Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hodgkin's Lymphoma gains notable corporate sponsors!

Below is a re post from a friend and fellow Hodgkin's ass kicker, Dwayne. Be sure to check out his blog,
He is MUCH better at writing than I am...

Many people in the Hodgkin's community are unaware that we have several influential voices in corporate America.

Taco Bell President - Greg Creed and Honeywell International - Senior-Vice President Adriane Brown, are emerging as strong advocates for Hodgkin's research. Taco Bell is a household name and diversified manufacturer, Honeywell, is one of the top 50 largest companies in the country.

These two powerful executives reside on the Board of Directors for the Alese Coco - Fight 2 Win Foundation. This New York based foundation is dedicated strictly to Hodgkin's research. Alese was also my friend and we often conversed while she was being treated at Sloan-Kettering.
On July 1, 2009, Greg Creed and Taco Bell facilitated the taping of the first ever Public Service Announcement for Hodgkin's Lymphoma, which was taped at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California. The PSA was directed by the Russo Brothers who directed Arrested Development and the motion picture, You, Me & Dupree.

I spoke to Paul Coco (Alese's father) last week and he described the PSA as: "Both challenging and gripping. It will bring much needed attention to a lymphoma that receives far too little consideration from pharmaceutical companies for research." He continued: "The fact is that Hodgkin's has somewhere between 25% - 40% recurrence rate and nearly half of all stem cell transplants fail, and that's unacceptable. We're striving for complete cure."

The 30 second spot will begin airing nationally on several major networks beginning this September.

I will keep you posted on details as they became available.

The foundation's website is


Kelly Kane said...

Ooo I forgot to post this stuff! Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

I am a 22 year cancer survivor. In 1987 I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Stage IIA & also thyroid cancer. Since then, I've had breast, lung, skin and vulvar cancers. But, I'm doing fabulous, really. I'm thrilled to read about the new corporate sponsors. It's so past time for Hodgkins awareness and research! Healing thoughts to you also!

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