Wednesday, May 14, 2008

6 months clean!

Today I called my Onc's office and started bugging them for my PET scan results. I did not want to wait around until my appointment date (4 days from now)to find out if my cancer was back.

Scan came back 100% clean, no cancer. I do have some enlarged lymph nodes in my chest area that they want to keep an eye on though.
unless I develop symptoms, my next scan will be in November.


Kelly Kane said...


Mike Nolan said...

I love it...

I lost my mom to cancer, and am now helping promote a line of cancer awareness jewelry -

Any ideas you have would be great.


Mike Nolan

Anonymous said...

just found out i have cancer of the renal pelvis/ureter, but after visiting your site you not only gave me hope but gave me a good laugh:) thank you so much n your shirts look great! i need to order 1...sherice, cudahy, wi

Doctor-to-be said...

I stumbled upon your blog today (a while after you last post on here) while I was searching the web for things about PET scan results. I was diagnosed with HL stage II end of Nov. 2008 and I've been undergoing chemo (same as you ABVD)...I had my last chemo 2 wks ago and had my PET scan today...I was searching the web b/c I was super depressed after my doc called to tell me the results of the PET scan and that the mass is still there and has not changed in size since my CT scan after the 3rd chemo (which had shown a reduction of 40% in size)...I've been so positive so far thinking that this is a curable cancer and I can beat it, but then I lost all hope when I got that call...THEN I found your site and read your story and now I am having some of this hope just wanted to say thank you! and continue to be a survivor please!

dr. gregory b. harris said...

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