Monday, July 7, 2008

Hodge-a-Palooza - Beantown 2008

Hard to believe that all the people below just finished kicking cancer's ass!

What the hell is a Hodge-a-Palooza?
Well, over the past 2 years I have been talking to other folks that have, or have had, Hodgkin's through an online message board.
Some time ago a couple that lives in Scotland decided to visit one of the girls that lives in Boston. The rest of us decided to crash the party. 
To be honest, Jenny and I did not know what to expect. It was like an internet first date x 30! Would we have to make up some lame reason to leave after we all first met? Not a chance. This was such a fun group to be around. Mostly a bunch of shit talkers and "Good Time Charlies" like me, so that worked out great. Already looking forward to the next meet up.


laulausmamma said...

I'm sure glad you and Jenny decided to stay in Boston with us ; )


Dave said...

Greetings from cancerville!

I just got diagnosed with Hodgkin's and was looking up info online. your pre-chemo Cottage Inne pork chops and gravy story got me interested to read your blog. congrats on the making cancer your bitch and for continuing your 'no puke' streak throughout the whole thing. i hope that i can be so lucky as to not puke either! Hail Technoviking!


Kelly Kane said...

You miss me already you party crasher!!