Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Taste Buds, "You want fries with that"?

My taste buds are really messed up after chemo.
Sweet stuff just tastes NASTY.
Salty tastes normal.

I have always hated the "Film" that McDonalds leaves in my mouth. There is something about thier food that is just scary. Remembering this, I thought that if I ate some McDonalds fries, the "not as nasty as the chemo film" from the fries would cover up the "really nasty film" from the chemo. It worked. A day or so after chemo, I eat a McDonalds Fry and the bad taste goes away. VERY STRANGE!

I think McDonolds fries will kill me quicker than this cancer.


Debbie Baker said...

It has been six weeks since I've had a solid meal. I just can't stand anything in my mouth except water and Ensure. I'm trying right now to eat a cup of yogurt. I've tried everything I like, so now I'm going for things I didn't like before. I don't think I'll ever get my taste back because it has been four weeks since I took my last chemo.

Bobby Stewart / Yung Ka said...

So true on how the chemo would change taste buds. I am and ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma) survivor. Diagnosed at 16 in March 2010. Love this blog, can relate to everything. I know for me, the steroids had me eating stuff I was too picky to eat healthy. But to help just chemo, I too ate lots of McDonalds, the fries were just calm and easy to the stomach.