Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Ike!

Hurricane Ike put the smack down on Louisville just like he did on Tina Turner back in the day. Nothing like starting a blog post with a little domestic abuse joke.

It was a very interesting weekend. Friday afternoon the house two doors down from ours burnt to the ground. I was at work and kept hearing on the radio that the "250 block of Pope St. had a huge house fire at this time". Wait! I live at 251!
Firefighters had to rescue one of the home owners and revive them in our front yard. The EMTs left all the bloody medical debris in our front yard as a souvenir. Bloody gauze and gloves everywhere.

Sunday, Hurricane Ike moved in. We had winds gusting over 80 miles per hour for 8 hours non stop. No rain though, it was a totally sunning day. Very strange.
About every old tree in the area is now laying in the streets or on a house. Our power went out around 3pm Sunday. Actually, over a quarter million homes are without power right now in Louisville. The Governor declaired a State of Emergency for Louisville. THis is the worst storm we have had since the big tornado of 1974 that wipe the city clean.

Also, the Ryder Cup starts today in Louisville. Hurricane Ike wiped out the entire Ryder Cup area. All of the corporate tents were blown through out the surrounding area. Also, a tv tower was knocked down destoying the 12th green.

HERE'S THE SUCKY THING, I am sure that all efforts are focused on getting the Ryder Cup up and running so Louisville doesn't lose the biggest source of revenue we have ever seen. The city is saying we will be without power for a week. I bet the Ryder Cup has power by the end of the day.

No hotels, no gas, no power!
All hotels are booked for Ryder Cup folks. Only 1/3 of the gas stations have gas. The majority of Louisville is without power. Traffic is a nightmare. All traffic lights are out. Cars crashing everywhere.

More details as they unfold...

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