Saturday, August 2, 2008

Vote for my pics in the Capture Kentuckiana project!

The Courier Journal is running a photo contest of sorts to pic images for a coffee table book. I have about 30 images entered. My most popular pics are listed below. PLEASE GO VOTE FOR THEM! You do have to start an account. Just name and email, they do not send you anything. It is just to keep the voting fair.


Kelly Kane said...

Done :)

laulausmamma said...

I'm off to vote for you pictures Ryan. Say HI to Jenny for me. Sure wish I could join the party at Hodgeapalooza 2...but I know you young folks will all have a great time....and the rest of us will enjoy the pictures :)

I Kicked Cancer's Ass said...

I am a Stage 3B Cervical Cancer Survivor. I created a blog in an effort to raise Cervical Cancer Awareness I was 28 when I was diagnosed with advanced Cervical Cancer and my story is a long, painful & inspiring one. Cervical Cancer is not talked about but it touches the lives of every single woman out there. We need to start talking about this cancer because it is not rare and it does kill.

By the way I love your blog and attitude! I too made Cancer My Bitch and man did it feel great! You Rock

I Kicked Cancer's Ass said...

....and I voted for all your pics they are great!

Anonymous said...

Hey is this your new store? It looks like your work.

Duane said...

Hey Ryan,

I love the new look of your blog! And I'm going to vote for your awesome pics right now!!!

Good luck w/ the contest!

Hayley said...

Hi there. Just came across your blog because I was searching for a t-shirt. I already have the one that says "cancer you've picked the wrong bitch" and yesterday I found out I am in remission so I'm goign to buy the one that says "I've already kicked cancers ass, wanna be next?" Haha.
Anyway, I will read some of your posts soon!

Gail said...

Hey Ryan,

I couldn't find your e-mail so commented on your comment on my blog. LOVE your blog! LOVE your t-shirts! I'm going to be touring with my book CANCER IS A BITCH in San Francisco and NYC in a few weeks. If you're in the hood... the dates and places are on my website under events

If you want to add me to your blogroll that would be great, too! Peace and strength, g

katyshops said...


I write a daily shopping blog with quite a loyal following. I am putting together a special radio segment promoting Breast Cancer Awareness in October. This segment will air on Atlanta Radio Station 94.9 The Bull. I would love to feature your shirts. I think they are awesome and just the kind of material I am looking for to share with my listeners. You can view my blog at Please email me - Katyshops at