Thursday, August 30, 2007

Last Chemo, Part 2!

Well, today was my last chemo.
Heard this one before...
I guess I get to wear the graduation cap AGAIN!

Things were kinda strange with my port today. My nurse could not get the needle into it. She tried twice and called another nurse in. She got it in no problem. They said the ports can shift.

My blood counts were good, I am a little anemic though.
It took 16 chemos to make me anemic, NOT TOO BAD!
This explains why I have been so damn tired for the past 2 weeks.

Now I wait 5-6 weeks to have another PET Scan.

1 comment:

Kelly Kane said...

Hey you used that picture before, mister! :) Once again, you're a trooper, no go get some rest!!