Thursday, July 12, 2007

Still making cancer my bitch!

Just got home from the Oncologist, the short of it is that I still have my buddy Mr. Cancer.

The PET Scan report showed that the cancer in my lung and chest area is considered "background" meaning damn near gone. When I was diagnosed it was a 13 out of 16 as far as uptake. Now it is nothing. The chest stuff was pretty severe, now it is pretty much cleared up.

The cancer in my neck is gone.

The cancer in my armpit is gone.

I still have a touch of the cancer in the lymph nodes around my spleen and liver.

The Oncologist said that they gave me the chemo dose based on a 170 pound 5'11" male.
I am 6'3" tall and 350 pounds. For those of you not skilled in basic math, I AM TWICE THE SIZE OF THAT 170 POUNDER!

It has been a standard to stop at the doses I got as the maximums, but they had not treated anyone as big as me in the past. They were nervous about giving me more because they didn't know how I'd tolerate them. Since I did so well with the first 6 cycles, they have decided that I can probably tolerate the higher doses.

They are going to start me back on ABVD chemo at higher doses on Thursday July 19th. This means that my hair will probably all fall out and I will more than likely lose my 12 year "NO PUKE" streak. I will receive chemo every other Thursday 4 times.

You would have thought that since the dose was so small and I had NO CHEMO SIDE EFFECTS that maybe they would have upped the dose earlier. GUESS NOT!

Stay tuned, it ain't over till a woman my size sings...


Kelly Kane said...

Aww Ryan, I'm here for ya if you need anything! Seriously, what a shitty onc! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you, even if it's just coming up with some jokes, helping expose your doc, or possibly teaching you how to braid hair via email, I'll do it, just lemme know! :) Hang in there!


Sanbandit said...

Sheesh sorry to read the chemo they gave you was meant for someone half your size! yikes!! But I do love the humor you write with in your site!! Ms chemopalooza kelly sentme over here to check out your site. Oh and cool tshirt design you did for her!!

Sanbandit said...

Ohhh yeah, are you going to move on to a new oncologist??!?!!?Hang tight, you'll kick "the cancers" ass!!

Unknown said...

Ryan, I am so sorry to hear that. I have my second treatment of Chemo on Tuesday, so I'm just starting this crap. I will be double checking with my doctor to make sure he is giving me the right amount. What a dumb ass doctor!!! I mean, come on!!! 170 pounds vs. 350 pounds....I think he should have seen a difference. Don't give up the fight. It will be over before you know it. I get my treatments every other Tuesday, for the next 6 to 8 months according to my Oncolgist. Best wishes to you!!!