Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New chemo dose, not so bad

My Oncologist said that this new chemo dose would knock me on my ass, make my hair fall out and make me projectile vomit for days.


The only thing different from my original dose was that it seemed to hit me a little sooner. Instead of catching up with me about 24 hours after dosing, it got me about 12 hours after. It also seemed to hang out a little longer. Normally I am back to normal by Tuesday, but it took an extra day this time.

Still have my hair and still have not puked.


Anonymous said...

horray no puking!! puking is a mother fucker! continue to stay strong.


Kelly Kane said...

Ryan, I knew you'd be a champ with this new dose! You will have hair and you will not puke!!!!!! There are lots of fun drugs out there to prevent you from puking, so keep that in mind incase you might puke, then have your onc on speed dial and call for better drugs :) Hooray again for being awesome at chemo!!

Unknown said...

That's awesome Ryan! I wish I wasn't loosing my hair. I puked the first time this morning, but like Kelly says there are some pretty good drugs to avoid puking. My Onc told me I only needed for up to three days after chemo, well I'm on day 5 and I'm getting sick still. Glad to hear you have better luck. I checked out your shirt website too, loved it. I need to get a few. I'll put an order in soon.
Take care

Joe L said...

Hey Ryan. Read the article about you in today's Courier. I had Hodgekins disease - Stage IV 23 years ago when I was a Sophomore at UK. I went through a year of different chemos; puked alot and lost my hair.I have now been in remission for 22 years. You can do two things when you find out you have cancer - feel sorry for yourself or get pissed off and fight it like hell. I'm glad you were like me and chose the latter. I knew cancer wasn't going to beat me and can see you are not going to let it beat you. Continue to kick it's ass!!!!

Anonymous said...

Read the article about you and had to send my wishes for a speedy recovery. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma when I was 28. I'm now wasn't fun...BUT YOU CAN DO IT! I know treatments have changed alot in 25 years...sounds like some powerful stuff. Your T-shirts made me laugh...nothing like that was available 25 years ago. It's about time! Thanks and Good Luck.