Thursday, May 10, 2007

Derby Chemo down, ONLY 2 MORE TO GO!

Had another chemo today. No big deal. Boring as usual.

After Chemo we went shopping for Mother's day and My Mom's B-Day.

This past weekend was really busy. Friday, Marty and I went to the Oaks race at Churchill Downs all day. We then went to 3 red carpet events, one of which was the Crown Royal / Playboy party. Went to bed around 4:30am. Got up at 8:30am and went to the Derby for 12 hours.

Gonna be nice to sit around for 3-4 days.

Here are a few of my Derby pics. We had full press Creds from Churchill Downs that included roof top access as well as Millionares Row and the Winners Circle. We also had press creds for the 2 week long Derby Festival. WE ABUSED THEM. At the track, we had a private media parking lot with bathroom and guard. We then jumped on a private media shuttle that dropped us off at a private media entrance. From Marty's house to the rooftop (Private media elevator) of Churchill only took us 30 minutes. Normally, it would take 2-3 hours as a "COMMONER".

Check out My Photo Website for more Derby pics! Pics do not look that great when I post them on my blog.