Thursday, February 8, 2007

Chemo #4, 1/3 of the way done!

I just got home from Chemo #4.
We started every Chemo, as Jenny and I always do, by eating lunch at the Cottage Inn.
Everyone says that you are not supposed to eat anything more than light snacks before chemo, I guess my idea of a "LIGHT SNACK" is a little different.

Today, and just like the 2 previous trips for Chemo, I had the Salisbury steak covered in gravy with Mashed Potatoes smothered in MORE gravy and lastly some corn. I also had a bowl of Vegetable soup.

The chunk of Salisbury steak was bigger than a Midgets fist, and tasted better as well.
I have never tasted a Midgets fist, but I am guessing it would be made better with copious amounts of gravy.

Got to the Oncologists office around 1pm, blood counts looked good so they gave me my Chemo. Got home around 5pm.

This chemo went really well. I was just really tired Saturday and Sunday. Did not feel sick at all.

I still have a nice thick coat, like a Yeti !

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Emma said...

Let me know when and I'll make you an iron skillet full of the best darn gravy ever.

You know you're from Kentucky when you first realize that "everything" tastes better with gravy! ;)