Monday, October 1, 2007

Back from Key West, FINALLY!

The trip to Key West was pretty fun and very relaxing. The B&B was great, all the snazzy restaurants we ate at were great, the drag queen dressed as the bee from the Blind Mellon video was great and the weather was great.

The flights sucked!

On the way there, we flew into a storm above the Keys. We had to circle for an hour, then fly back to Ft. Lauderdale and land. We sat there for another few hours. Got to the B&B after they closed. Had to disturb the inn keeper.

On the way back, it took us 11 hours. Should have taken us 4. When we got to the Key West airport, the ticket counter lady told us our flight was a few hours late. We would miss our connection in Orlando. She gave us 3 sets of flight tickets and wished us luck. We had tickets for 3 of the 6 flights leaving for the day. The Key West airport is like the airport on the TV show Wings. The only difference is that the Key West Airport is WAY suckier.

After sitting in the airport for over an hour, they tell us to move to another area because our plane was coming in. The area was outside in the 90 degree weather under a metal roof on the black runway. IT WAS ABOUT 125 DEGREES IN THIS SITTING AREA! I was making my own gravy!

2 hours after we were to leave, a plane arrives. Not our plane, but another plane. We get on the plane. After we sat down, we noticed that the ticket counter lady was standing on the runway directing our plane with those nifty little flash light things. She gave us a thumbs up!

To make this long story short, we flew from Key West to Orlando. Sat in Orlando for 3 hours, flew to Atlanta. Sat in Atlanta for a few hours and flew to Louisville. Got in 6 hours late.

The beginning sucked, the end sucked and here are pics from the middle which was great.

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